Editing Services

image of a book with blue lights exploding from it and the words 'Books: Bursting with Goodness'

A book that's good to read is one that's been well-edited. There are a lot of editors out there trying to sell you their services. How do you find the right one?

There are many different types of edits. Developmental edits deal with looking for and informing the author about plot holes, characterization anomalies, POV problems, and fact-checking. Some editors only do one of these kinds, and the author must hire other editors.

In Copy Editing, the editor is looking for and correcting grammar, style, word usage, repetition, and other things of this nature.

Proofreading is the last and lightest edit that is done. It looks only for grammar, style, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, wrong words used (there/their/they're), and so forth.

At the Electric Scroll, we're not just publishers offering services to authors, we're also authors. We don't want to see our peers lose money by paying different editors to do different things.

We offer what we call a Comprehensive Edit, where we look for every problem and either fix it (if it's a simple fix) or tell you about it (if it's one of those developmental things that needs to be fixed by the author). We'll do everything from "the comma goes before the quote mark, and there's no capital letter after" to "Jesse James didn't wear blue jeans; jeans weren't invented until after he was dead, and for the first several years, they weren't blue."

By performing all the different sorts of edits in the same pass, we will save you time as well as money. You'll only have to pay one editor, once, to learn what your manuscript needs to be better.

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