Cover Creation

book cover of Encounter at Kiral, featuring an earth-like planet with saturn-like rings

There are so many options when it comes to creating a book cover that it can be hard to know where to begin. We recommend that you do not just purchase a stock image, add your title and name, and call it good.

While there’s nothing wrong with beginning with a stock image, if that’s all there is to your cover, it won’t be unique. Anyone can buy the same stock image and you could end up having the same cover as someone else, which will confuse your readers.

Both of the book covers on this page began as stock images. Encounter at Kiral combines a photo of Earth with a photo of Saturn, then color and size manipulation was done to create the fictional planet Kiral.

Fabric of the World also began with two stock images: one of sand dunes, the other of a man in jeans and a flannel shirt standing above a city with lightning emittinng from his hands. The city was cut away, and the brown robes and black boots were added.

If you have an ebook cover you need expanded into a full-wrap cover, or if you have your own images you want used, or even if you have nothing but an idea, we can help you get the cover your book needs.

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book cover of Fabric of the world, featuring a man in long brown robes shooting fire from one hand, against a background of sand dunes